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Miss Diamond Africa

15/6/23 - 31/7/2023

4/8/23 - 5/8/23

11/8/23 - 12/8/23

Miss diamond africa

The Initiative

Miss Diamond Africa is a remarkable reality show that emphasizes a woman's inner beauty. The contestant's physical attributes are judged and ranked based on personality, self-confidence, intelligence, talent, character, and involvement in charity activities through mentoring and education

Our aim is to locate a lady who will not only mesmerise us with her physical attractiveness and self-assurance; as a result, we look for a woman who will be willing to put in a lot of effort to impact the community. The young lady will also be prepared to compete for any title and represent Ghana internationally.

Our goal is to identify a woman who will stand out from the throng with a fervent fervor that will alter the world and enhance the lives of millions of people.

By the following initiatives, this competition is intended to become one of the top beauty pageant show in the nation for young women's empowerment.

  • To allow candidates to serve as role model for other younger women with comparable objectives and traits
  • To motivate participants to respect their accomplishments, their creative works, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.
  • To offer financial support in the form of cash rewards to launch projects.

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